Parkour Gym in San Diego | Apex: San Diego | School of Movement

To sign in for classes follow below:

The following should be done on a computer and not a phone or tablet- the options are more limited on a mobile device.

  1. Go to the link below and follow these steps:
    1. Select “Create Account” in upper right
    2. If you know your password, sign in
    3. If you do not know your password, click “Need New Password?”
    4. Enter your email and follow the prompts
    5. It may now take you to a screen that asks for first and last name:
      1. If you plan on only signing in your one child, enter your child’s name (you may also enter your name but this will then not allow you to use our mobile app to sign in)
      2. If you plan on signing in yourself or multiple children, enter your name
    6. You will then create a new password via the email sent and be logged in
    7. Select the tab for CLASSES and you can then access and sign up for classes
    8. If you have signed up under your name/account and have child(rent), it will give you the option so sign up yourself or your child(ren). 
  2. NOTE:  
    1. This login will also allow you to sign in through the schedule on our WEBSITE as well as being able to use our MOBILE APP 
    2. These two options work best if you are only signing in one person– yourself or your one child (need to create password for your child). You can still use these to sign in for multiple people, but you have to log in and log out for each person.