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Specialty Classes

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Juggling Equilibristics

The class is geared towards improving a person’s ability to juggle multiple objects while maintaining control of balancing apparatus such as slacklines and unicycles. Particular emphasis is placed on clean juggling progression and basic balances. Open to all skill levels.


The freerunning class focuses on the visually exciting and creative moves of freerunning. Students will learn how to express themselves through movement on all types of obstacles including walls, handrails, scaffolding, and more. Skills covered in this class include:

  • Flat ground tricks including front/back/side flips and variations, aerials, tumbling, other flips, and twists.
  • Wall tricks such as flips, spins, and twists.
  • Bar work including flyaways, releases, and other gymnastic elements.
  • Static freerunning tricks like flags, handstands, and levers
  • Additional combos, tricks, and creative movement on all types of obstacles.

Introduction to Break Dancing

This novice level class serves as an introduction to breakdancing, and hip hop culture. Students will learn fundamental movements such as Toprock, Foot work, and Freeze. These lessons will teach students how to explore and accomplish basic movement in a fun and safe manner. Open to all skill levels.

Time Trials

You won’t find mini tramps, salmon ladders, or rope swings in this class. This will be dedicated to pure Parkour applied to common shapes and obstacles you’ll find in the real world.

Students will conquer courses and then improve their times through practice and coach feedback. Time trials consistently helps students of all skill levels increase their abilities and gain confidence in moving with speed and power.

Prerequisite for Adults and Teens: Must have completed our Intro to Parkour program.

Prerequisite for Youth Time Trials: Must have their Earth Band or higher to participate in Youth Time Trials.


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