At APEX San Diego, we have always known that Parkour is Life. It is a way of being, of connecting with others, of experiencing the world. From childhood to old age, Parkour helps us all navigate our surroundings safely and challenges us to new adventures.

Thinking back to when we were all kids, jumping off benches and climbing trees. You pulled yourself up with the strength of your arms. If your arms failed, you used your legs. You hooked your feet into the crevices of the bark. You kept going. You made it. Your friends did it too. You challenged each other. Who can jump the highest on the bench? Who can wrap their legs around the lamp post to reach the top? You encouraged each other. You laughed. You got tired. You went home with a smile on your face. Fitness was fun. It was natural. It was something you achieved without consciously trying.

You still always love a good challenge. You push the limits. You accomplish what no one else will even dare try. Grab the rope. Propel yourself to the next platform. Stride across beams. Swing on the bars. Let go. Backflip. Tap. Run free. Climb up. Top out. In the middle of the ocean you have to sail. We are the adventure of your journey. The challenge to you. Where you meet your friends again. It’s fun again, to live and to move.

Since 2017, we inspire you to achieve all-around fitness through innovative movement training. We have over 20 coaches to help you excel in your chosen athletics. We are always learning how to help you become more physically active through play. We motivate you to reach your fitness goals through natural exercise. This is our path to fitness. Athletics, Play, and Exercise; because fitness is for everyone and movement is life.