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Parkour as a Donor Sport for Athletic Development in Youth Team Sports: Insights Through an Ecological Dynamics Lens by Ben William Strafford, et al

Abstract (CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE ARTICLE)   –Ben William Strafford, Pawel van der Steen, Keith Davids and Joseph Antony Stone   Analyses of talent development in sport have identified that skill can be enhanced through early and continued involvement in donor sports which share affordances (opportunities for action) with a performer’s main target sport. Aligning key ideas of […]

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What is Parkour?

By Lonnie Tisdale   “Parkour is a movement-based practice aiming to help make individuals physically and mentally stronger, becoming balanced and rounded human beings who then help the community and others with those strong foundations.”                                 –Stephane Vigroux Originating in […]

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Launching Our Blog Page

We will post articles, comments and editorials here on topics related to Parkour, fitness and training.  Please send us any submissions for this page. We will review and post relevant submissions here. Email your article, comment or other media (even pics) to info@apex-sd.development and put “blog submission” in the subject line.  […]

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