Prerequisites for this class: Earth Band

This class is a staff favorite!

You won’t find mini tramps, salmon ladders, or rope swings in this class. This will be dedicated to pure Parkour applied to common shapes and obstacles you’ll find in the real world.

Students will conquer courses and then improve their times through practice and feedback from their Coach. Time Trials consistently helps students of all skill levels increase their abilities and gain confidence in moving with speed and power.


Prerequisites for this class: White Stripe

Kick it and flip it!

Tricking is the melding of martial arts and acrobatics… a great supplement for Parkour athletes looking to learn some flashy skills. Learn how to kick, twist, and connect movements into fluid and dynamic combos. This class is accessible for all levels and is ideal for students focused on creativity and acrobatic development.


Prerequisites: No experience necessary!

For fitness, performance and life!

This class utilizes Parkour fundamentals mixed with traditional strength training to provide a full body workout that improves overall functional strength in an engaging and dynamic class format.


Prerequisites: No experience necessary!

Dance like EVERYONE is watching!

This novice level class serves as an introduction to breakdancing, and hip-hop culture. Students will learn fundamental movements such as Toprock, Foot work, and Freeze. These lessons will teach students how to explore and accomplish basic movement in a fun and safe manner. Open to all skill levels.


Prerequisites: No experience necessary!

All the world’s a stage!

This class is geared towards improving a person’s ability to juggle multiple objects while maintaining control of balancing apparatus such as slacklines and unicycles. Particular emphasis is placed on clean juggling progression and basic balances. Open to all skill levels.