These procedures are being put in place make APEX a safe training facility during this time of Coronavirus. We are keeping up to date on recommended procedures and safety protocols being put out by local, state and federal health agencies.

These new policies will help to keep you, our guests and athletes safe as well as your APEX Coaches and Staff. These procedures may grow and adapt as time goes on because this has been a time of constant change.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email us at info@apex-sd.com or call or text us at (858)260-3887.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Article I. Staff Protocols

Section 1.01 Health and wellness

(a) Staff will be required to stay home if showing any symptoms related to COVID-19.

(b) Staff will be checked for elevated body temperature upon arrival. If they are showing symptoms, they will be sent home.

(c) If a staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19, they shall stay away from the facility for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Section 1.02 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

(a) Staff will wear masks while in the facility: teaching class, supervising open gym, working the front desk and doing other tasks around the facility.

(i) Masks will be worn properly, covering the nose and mouth.

(b) Staff will not be required to wear gloves.

(i) Gloves, however, will be available.

(ii) The wearing of gloves does not protect the wearer or others except in the instance where gloves are donned and immediately discarded.

(c) Staff will assure athletes are keeping their masks on properly- covering the nose and mouth.

Section 1.03 Cleanliness and Hygiene

(a) All staff will wash their hands often and thoroughly. When handwashing is not reasonable, they will use hand sanitizer to disinfect their hands.

(b) Staff will maintain proper social distancing while interacting with guests and while teaching classes.

(c) Staff will be trained on basic hygiene requirements: avoiding face touching, using clean masks, etc.

Section 1.04 Guest monitoring

(a) Staff will monitor guests to be sure that they are wearing masks properly

(i) Nose and mouth shall be covered

(b) Staff will be sure no touching policy is observed between guests.

(c) Staff will ensure social distancing is observed

(d) Staff will promote and enforce WASH IN, WASH OUT policy.

(e) Temperatures will be checked before entry.

Article II. Front Desk and Lobby

(a) A poster with APEX Pandemic protocols will be visible to guests before entering the front door.

(b) There will be no gathering in the lobby. Guests will maintain 6-foot social distancing and may need to wait outside the front door until space is available.

(i) Front doors will be kept open as often as possible to limit touching of door handles and to help limit the number of guests in the lobby at one time.

(c) Touch-Free Check-In

(i) Transactions in the lobby will be limited to payments and new guest registration. Member check-in will be done in the gym by the coach of the class.

(ii) Open Gym check ins will be done via mobile device when possible and by verbal verification with the Client Support Specialist

Article III. Traffic within the facility

Section 3.01 Foot traffic will be unidirectional throughout the facility.

(a) Traffic through the gym will be one-way to limit crossing paths with people in narrow hallways.

(b) This includes the restrooms and the upstairs lounge area.

(c) Traffic flow will be clearly marked.

Article IV. Guest procedures

Section 4.01 Social Distancing

(a) Classes and Open Gym sessions will be by reservation/appointment only.

(b) Classes will be limited to 8-10 athletes per coach.

(c) Occupancy will be limited to 20-25 people in the 12,600 square foot facility.

(d) Parents and non-participating guests shall maintain social distancing when staying. The option to drop-off and pick-up will be available and encouraged.

Section 4.02 Health and wellness

(a) Guests will be asked to stay at home if they are experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19

(b) Temperatures will be taken of guests upon entry with touchless thermometer.

Section 4.03 Personal Protective Equipment

(a) Everyone in the facility will be required to wear masks while in the facility.

(i) Masks must be properly worn—covering the mouth and nose.

(b) If necessary, an athlete may step well to the side (preferably near an open door) to pull their mask down for a moment.

(c) Masks will be available at the front desk for purchase.

Section 4.04 Hygiene

(a) Guests will practice WASH IN, WASH OUT.

(i) Washing of hands upon entering the gym, and

(ii) Washing of hands upon exiting the gym.

(b) Hand sanitizing “breaks” will be given along with water breaks.

(c) Social distancing of 6 feet shall be maintained.

(d) No physical touching is allowed.

(e) Water fountains will be closed and water bottles will be required.

Article V. Facility Disinfecting

Section 5.01 The Front Desk

(a) Transactions shall be as touch-free as possible with all surfaces being sanitized often or after each use if called for.

(b) Surfaces in the lobby area will be wiped down at a minimum of every hour.

Section 5.02 The Gym, The Fitness Studio, The Gym seating area, The restrooms, The upstairs Lounge and Hallways and doors

(a) Surfaces will be disinfected at least once a day and commonly touched areas (door handles, counters, etc.) will be as often as reasonably possible