Distance Learning Parkour Camp

learn and play the parkour way

Pandemic, Health Orders, Social Distancing, Face Coverings and Distance Learning… these are all words we hear a lot these days. With the rules changing constantly, we all have to be ready to adapt quickly as well. As many parents already know, School Districts have decided that our kids aren’t going back to in-person classes this fall.

This means students are going to continue doing distance learning and self-study. However, many of us have to go to work each day and aren’t able to stay at home with the students to help them through their studies each day. We understand and we want to offer an option.

Our Distance Learning Parkour Camps provide students with a safe, quiet setting proctored by APEX Staff.  Students are in squads of no more than 8 students per Staff member. They work on the curriculum provided by their individual schools and teachers. The APEX Staff is here to motivate them to do their work and provide assistance on lessons when needed. They are also able to help with those pesky IT nuisances that pop up during distance learning. We understand that students will most likely all be working off different curricula. We will not be teaching our own curriculum. We will guide each child on the Distance Learning curriculum they are given from their school and teacher.

In addition, we provide Parkour training and students take their breaks in our premiere Parkour facility. The kids get exercise and learn and hone their Parkour skills. They also get safe social interaction with other kids throughout the day.


Hours are 9am to 3pm Monday through Friday.

The cost for the week is $400.

Enroll for the month at a discounted rate of $1500 (a SAVINGS of $220!).

If a student’s school re-opens, the monthly tuition will be refunded the pro-rated amount for the remainder of the month.

Extended care 

Available 8am-9am and 3pm-5:30pm.

Cost is $15 per hour.

Or the full week of Early drop-off and Late Pick-up for $100 (a SAVINGS of up to $125!).

We ask that you please sign up for Extended care 48 hours in advance. 

The Staff proctoring Camp squads are educated and have experience working with children. They are not certified teachers and are not running their own education curriculum. They will be guiding the students through the curriculum provided to them by their schools and teachers. They are highly motivated and eager to take on this adventure. 

Distance Learning Parkour Camp has a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 32. Students will be divided into squads of no more than 8 students each. 

We ask that you be sure that students bring the following with them to Camp:

  • Morning and afternoon snack;
  • Lunch;
  • Water bottle;
  • All the materials they will need for their curriculum: paper, pencils, pens, notebooks, etc.
  • Their computers (and other devices) logged into any and all accounts and apps needed for their distance learning curriculum;
  • Printed copy of distance learning plan and school apps passwords;
  • Headphones for any audio required for their curriculum;
  • Clothing appropriate for Parkour (sneakers and clothes comfortable to run and jump in);
  • Emergency change of clothes;
  • Sweater or hoodie.

APEX continues to adhere to Health protocols set forth by federal, state and local agencies.

  • Surfaces are regularly disinfected;
  • Face coverings required throughout the day;
  • Social distancing is enforced among students and staff;
  • Temperature checks are done for everyone entering the gym;
  • Squads are kept together through the week and separate from the other squads when learning and when in the gym;
  • Each student will have an assigned desk for the week to reduce the potential for cross-contamination.
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