You may remember as a kid jumping from rock-to-rock near a stream, climbing trees or swinging on the monkey bars in the local park. Or you may remember simply running and playing full tilt all day long until it was time for supper. In essence, this is Parkour. You also may remember taking a tumble off a bike, leaping from a swing (unsuccessfully) or tumbling along the ground after a trip at a full sprint. Safely accommodating such unanticipated mishaps is also Parkour.


Imagine a “gym” environment where running, jumping, swinging and leaping in a large “playscape” burns calories, builds strength, improves coordination… and is fun! This is Parkour and a description of a well designed Parkour gym!


Since a Parkour class requires movement and strength, each class begins with warmup exercises as well as stretching to prevent injuries and insure readiness for the actual moves. Then it builds to drills and skills lessons.