APEX School of Movement, San Diego, is the premiere Parkour training facility in Southern California. The industry standard in offering new, captivating, and sustainable means to get your body and mind moving and feeling good.

We have variety for everyone, from beginners to advanced Parkour athletes. We also have breakdancing, tricking, and circus arts / juggling. Our classes are perfect for adults, teens, and kids who want a new way to exercise.


A fun and challenging workout, based around the human body’s natural movement and training of the mind to overcome obstacles, consistent with the principles of Parkour taught by top Parkour instructors. Our classes, in-person or virtual, begin with a full warm up. Next, introduction and practice of skills and connecting movement. We end each session with a workout, stretch, and discussion of important Parkour topics.

What are you waiting for?

Jump in now! Want to learn how to master Ninja course like on TV? Run Tag arenas with the best of them? Get ready for Special Ops? Or prepare for a revolution? LOL. Train to be a Ninja Warrior. Learn how to conquer difficult obstacles and be the fastest contender. APEX has Parkour day camps, birthday parties, special events / fun activities for kids and teens, and even more fun group activities for adults!