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Get Moving.

Get Fit.

Have Fun.

A mind and body workout.

Parkour is an art of movement in which you train the body and mind to overcome obstacles.

Expect a challenging, fun workout based around the natural movement of the human body. Our classes begin with a thorough warm up. Next, we move on to the introduction and practice of new skills and movements. Finally, we end with a workout, stretch, and discussion of important topics relating to parkour.

Find your zen.

Let the professionals do all the work after a hard work out or even a long day at the office.

Apex Movement San Diego offers massage therapy appointments and knowledgeable yoga instructors to help you find your zen.

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Work out on the go.

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Ready to jump in?

It's easier than ever to jump into the most exciting and fun exercise you'll ever have at a gym. For beginners new to parkour we offer plenty of classes that fit your schedule and help you get started. We also offer more experienced members access to our gym so they can jump as they wish!

Movement is the foundation of any physically fit lifestyle.

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