Your APEX San Diego questions, answered

What should I expect at parkour class?

Expect a challenging and fun workout based around the natural movement of your body in the environment. Our classes begin with a thorough warm up, followed by introduction and practice of Parkour skills and movement in progress stations. We end each workout with conditioning, stretch, and discussion of important topics in Parkour sport.

What do I need to do for my first class?
If you are a kid (5-11), have your parent or guardian reserve your spot in advance in any Youth Level 1 class. Teens (12 and up) and Adults, you will start in Teen/Adult Level 1 class. Check out GET READY TO JUMP IN for more information. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to familiarize yourself with APEX facility, fill out the WAIVER (under 18, parent signature is required), get ready and go!
How do I create my portal and sign my waiver?

To create your login portal click on this link https://www.wellnessliving.com/signup/apexsandiego .

If you are a parent, you will first create your profile then the profiles for your kid(s).

Here is the link to a short video for signing up on your phone. The process is similar on a computer. https://apex-sd.com/first-time/


What do I wear?

We recommend athletes wear workout clothes and sneakers. Parkour can be practiced in different clothes and shoes. Some athletes like thin-soled shoes with grip (i.e Feiyue, Stryke, Vans.).  Some athletes like to practice some skills barefoot. We recommend new athletes wear shoes the first few sessions.

What should I bring?

Bring a personal water bottle, enthusiasm, and your intrinsic sense of adventure.

Do I have a reserved weekly class, or do I sign up each week?

Everyone (Members and New Clients) must have a class reservation made in advance of class. We limit class size for quality of instruction.

Members must choose a regular weekly class and will be pre-registered for that class each week.

New Clients must reserve drop-in class prior to arrival, subject to space availability.

How large are the classes?

We keep a ratio of one coach for 8-10 athletes. At times, the class may have more
than one coach running the same class over 10 students, but there will always be 10
athletes for each coach. Because of these limitations, we do require that athletes
preregister for classes to guarantee you have a spot in class when you arrive.

What if I can’t make it to my regular class?

We understand that life throws obstacles in our path at times. If you can’t make it to a regular weekly class, just give us at least 4- hours notice before your class so we can move you to a different class in the same week.

If you have a last-minute emergency and can’t give 24-hours notice, all Tier Level memberships have one (1) FREE Late Cancel Make-Up Classes per month, which you can use to make-up one (1) missed class in the same week.

I am so sore the day after class, what should I do?

Even though we all did parkour as kids, you probably haven’t moved like this for years. Expect to be sore at first; it is a completely normal feeling for someone who is new to parkour! To help the soreness, we suggest you do some light exercise that day. Yes, it might hurt, but it will help quicken the recovery process! Other than that, don’t give up! Your body will adapt to the classes as time goes on, and don’t forget to drink lots of water.

When do I get to jump rooftops and flip off walls?

When you can do 50 muscle ups and squat 500 lbs.! But in all honesty, Parkour is
not about big jumps and flashy flips. We do not promote going on rooftops or taking big
drops. However, as you master the fundamentals and develop a strong foundation of fitness, we will progress to harder, bigger, and more exciting skills.

How does the curriculum for classes at APEX San Diego work?

We use our Band Challenge System. This is the basis of our curriculum and is how
you progress through different level classes.

How do I keep track of my progress?

Each athlete receives a Skills Card when they start taking classes. These Skills
Cards have all of the skills needed to progress to the next level and Band (see Band
Challenge System).

I think the Level 1 classes will be too easy for me. Can I go straight to Level 2 or 3?

We strongly recommend that everyone starts out in our Level 1 classes. Even if you
are athletic or have trained on your own, you probably lack certain skills or fitness that will be expected of you in the level 2 and 3 classes. If we find that you may possess the foundation needed for Level 2, we can arrange to test you for the skills needed to level up.

Can I just pay monthly and not have my membership on auto-pay?

We do offer a month to month membership. This membership is an unlimited membership and is $350 a month. The Tier Level memberships provide discounts for loyalty, lower administrative requirements and give you more flexibility in choices.

Is there a minimum membership length? And what happens if I need to cancel my membership before that?

Our Monthly Tier Level memberships require a minimum three-month membership commitment. After this time, your Monthly Tier membership renews on auto-pay every month. 

What is Parkour?

Parkour is the art of movement, in which you train the body and mind to move efficiently through any environment while overcoming obstacles.

How do I terminate or suspend my or my child'S membership?

All Monthly Tier Membership Terminations must be requested in writing on the Termination Form on our website at least thirty (30) days before your next billing date. Suspensions must be requested in writing on the Suspension Form on our website at least seven (7) days before requested suspension start date. Monthly Tier Membership suspensions allow you to pause your account, keep your weekly class reservation, maintain any discounts and delay payments. CLICK the following:

Membership Termination Form

Membership Suspension Form

PLEASE NOTE: This form is required and there are no exceptions. Once you complete the form, you will receive a copy of the form via email. If you do not receive the email, please either resubmit the form or contact APEX San Diego. The email may end up in your junk inbox.