Prerequisites: No experience necessary! Anyone 5-11 years can join!

Begin the journey for Parkour excellence and kids fitness here and now!

The Youth Parkour Level 1 class will safely challenge athletes both physically and mentally. Athletes stay highly active during this fun kids parkour class, engaging in creative drills and ninja games in a thrilling and safe environment, all while learning the basic movements of Parkour as well as important Parkour philosophies such as training safely, solving problems, and setting goals.


Prerequisites: Earth Band & minimum 10 Level 1 Classes

The journey continues– discipline and dedication has gotten you here… stay on the path and soon you will be a ninja!

The Youth Parkour Level 2 class will continue to push athletes to refine their ninja warrior skills. Athletes will learn to combine previously learned techniques and master intermediate level skills while still engaging in creative drills and games. Dedication to conditioning and training outside of class is essential at this level to master techniques needed to excel.


Prerequisites: Tree Band & minimum 10 Level 2 Classes

Master your foundational skills! Choose the athlete you want to be!

The Youth Parkour Level 3 class takes athletes to a whole new level. Athletes will be able to improvise runs and lines using previously learned techniques as well as working on overcoming fear and building confidence in all movements. Creativity and mastery of fundamental techniques will be the centerpiece of Level 3 classes. The door to real-world training begins to open now as the athlete has the foundation and training to practice safe and progressive Parkour.


Prerequisites: Tree Band & minimum 10 Level 2 Classes

At this level of mastery, an athlete’s class is defined not by their age but by their skill. Kids ninja training is well on its chosen path and the world becomes your ninja gym. Follow this link for Information on Levels 4 and above.


Prerequisites: Ages 3-5

Younger kids learn movement and begin to master themselves in this fun little kids class.

This new fusion of Parkour and exploratory movement for small children includes fun exercises, exciting games, obstacle courses, upside down skills, and open play for your little ones. Pre-K Parkour classes are taught by CPR and First Aid certified Coaches!


Welcome to our Special Needs Athletic Program!

We believe every kid should have the chance to move, jump, play, get fit, and have fun doing it! Which is why, through our Special Needs Parkour classes, we strive to meet kids where they’re at and give them the attention and focus they deserve.

Parkour is an amazing activity for anyone who struggles with coordination,
self-confidence, body/spatial awareness, or participating in traditional team sports.

Our coaches are passionate about enriching the lives of children with different needs by helping build strength, confidence, and social skills, all while working in a group setting.

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