Your journey begins now!

APEX San Diego’s five-class rotating curriculum teaches you the foundations of Parkour from the ground up. Each teen and adult group fitness class consists of basic techniques and concepts without prerequisites, and can be taken until you master the skills required to Level Up!

You will begin learning how to conquer ANY obstacle in your path. You will learn basic skills including: quadrupedal movement, proper landing, Parkour rolls, precision jumps, wall runs, bar swings and much more!

The Level 1 Class will give you the solid foundation you need to move up to Parkour Level 2.


Prerequisites for this class: Earth Band. Five Level 1 classes.

Stay the course… the journey is the reward!

Discipline and dedication has gotten you this far… stay on the path to master your body and mind!

Parkour Level 2 is designed to reinforce those fundamentals from Level 1 by drilling them until they become second nature. As you begin to experience a more dynamic engagement of the skills you’ve learned, you will start to realize a higher level of physical fitness.

You will discover the Kong Vault, Cat Leap, Lache to Precision, and much more. As your skills develop you will begin to form lines and complete challenging obstacle courses!


Prerequisites for this class: Tree Band. Completion of 10 Level 2 classes

Turn your foundation into MASTERY and choose the athlete you want to be!

Prepare to be challenged using those solid fundamentals and the higher level of fitness you have reached. Through repetition and skill refinement, you will learn advanced-intermediate skills and be expected to  complete more difficult workouts. You will learn more diverse and complex skills that further build off your previous accomplishments. You will be called upon to dedicate yourself to conditioning and training outside of class to continue to progress.


Prerequisites for this class: Ice, Smoke, or Cloud Band. Completion of 10 Level 3 classes.


Beginning at Level 4, your journey separates into specialties. You will have the opportunity to focus on one or more of  three disciplines: Skills, Speed or Acrobatics (Acro).

The Skills Path will take you on your quest for perfection of fundamental Parkour techniques with a focus on accomplishing physical, mental, and technical challenges.

The Speed Path is all about doing it FAST. You will work on quick and efficient movement through obstacle courses, with an emphasis on making you faster and more powerful!

The Acro Path is a journey of creativity and expression. You will learn how to use acrobatic movements and Freerunning skills to interact with your environment. Skills you will learn include: handsprings, tucks, aerial-twists, and flyaways, just to name a few… and connecting them all together through the concept of flow

You can focus on just one path at a time, or you can take all three at once! It’s your journey… so CHOOSE YOUR PATH!