Parkour & Specialty CLASSES

Choose your path and become the athlete you wish to be.

Master your body and mind

Our fitness programs help you become a stronger, more agile, more aware, more functional athlete.

APEX San Diego takes pride in offering a wide variety of fitness programs including progressive classes that people of all ages, abilities, and interests enjoy. From Parkour classes for 3 year-olds to centenarians we have fitness classes that will help you fall in love with movement. You will learn exciting, intense skills and progress through our Band Challenge System as you master your body and mind.

Fitness classes are the best way to master your skills and learn to use the indoor parkour gym like your own personal ninja training ground.


We have the best Parkour coaches!! They are certified through ParkourEDU, the premiere certification for Parkour Coaches in the U.S. and they receive ongoing training in skills and methodology. Of course, all our staff are also First AID/CPR/AED certified.

Our curriculum grew out of the experience of the Parkour community training at their favorite Parkour spots and over 14 years of development and refinement into the best Parkour curriculum at the best Parkour gym.

Although Parkour is our specialty, our world-class facility also offers Breaking Dancing, Tricking, and Juggling & Equilibristics as great alternatives to explore movement and stay active.

Classes are 55 minutes long and always include a dynamic warm-up, in-depth skill practice, and strength building exercises to help athletes excel. Classes are offered 7 days a week. So get your movement fix and sign up today!