Speed & Guide Your Parkour Progression!


The Band Challenge System is the most advanced, best developed system in existence for tracking your progress, keeping athletes safe and motivating everyone to train hard. Mastering skills will earn you your next Band and give you access to more advanced classes as well as new areas of the gym.


First and foremost, we want to create a safe learning environment in our gym. The Band Challenge System protects athletes from potentially endangering themselves and others. Through the Band Challenges, you will be able to show us you have the skills, mindset and experience needed to safely train on certain obstacles and to attend certain classes. The Band Challenges also guide and accelerate your progression into Parkour. Each Band Challenge  embodies everything we know about treating incredible, sustainable athletes.

Athletes who progress through the  challenges are building off the vast combined teaching experience of many skilled Parkour Athletes and Coaches to ensure you develop a lasting, useful and well-rounded skill set.


The Band Challenge System begins with our White Band. At this level you begin to learn Parkour fundamentals. Your foundation builds as you train through the Earth Band and Tree Band.

Once you graduate from Tree Band and Level 3, you can begin to take specialized classes in three Parkour areas: Speed, Skills and Acro (a.k.a., Acrobatics & Freerunning).

The specializations are independent of each other. For example, to take Acro Level 5, you need to pass Acro Level 4 and the Wind Band Challenge. To advance, you do not need to complete the requirements within the Skills or Speed Bands.

The pinnacle of your training at APEX School of Movement, San Diego is the Zenith Band. As the Zenith of the sun is where the sun reaches its highest point in its path through the sky, the Zenith Band represents the apex of your training within the Band Challenge System at APEX San Diego.

Like the sun on its journey, however, this does not mean the end to your journey in Parkour. It is merely another milestone as you continue to train and grow in the discipline.


Unlike your typical martial arts training, we do not have a “testing day” that is an additional fee and requires everyone to make extra time in their schedule, at APEX San Diego we “test” you along the way. This also eliminates the pressure of a one-time pass or fail test.

You will get a Skills Card at the start of each level. This Skills card lists all the skills you need in order to level up. During class, if a Coach sees that you have mastered a skill they will check that skill as completed on your Skills Card. In addition, you may come in during Open Gym and attempt to show mastery of up to 3 skills.

Each Band Challenge then also has attendance and Band Stripe prerequisites. When you meet these prerequisites and complete your Skills Card, you will be advanced to the next Band and
class level.

To show mastery of a skill you will be expected to know the skills from descriptions and class demonstrations. The coach will not demonstrate the Stripe test skill. However, coaches will give you feedback on each skill.

For each completed Challenge test, you will receive one Band free of charge. Replacement Bands cost $5 if lost or broken from misuse.


Before you can take a new Band Challenge test, you must earn a stripe on your current Band. Stripe tests consist of milestone skills that check fundamental strength, power and mobility. Stripes ensure that your skills are matched by fitness and technique.

Stripe test skills are located on your Skills Card as well. They are in the upper right corner of your card. These can be checked off in the same manner as the Band Challenge skills. Like the Challenge test, the coach will not demonstrate the Stripe test skills. Students will be expected to
know the skills from descriptions and class demonstrations. However, coaches will give
feedback to students on each skill. Students who pass will receive their Stripe Band from the Front Desk.


As you progress through the Band Challenges, you will unlock new privileges during Open Gym and gain access to more classes. To keep athletes safe when not in a structured class environment with a coach, you have limits on what areas of the gym you may train. These rules directly correspond with your band level.